Tiat training courses

Tiat training courses

March 15, 2022 / up-to-date Corona virus (COVID-19):

From 15 March, the corona measures have largely expired.

This means that the training courses at TiaT can be followed as usual and that the interactioin between the trainer an dcandidate has been intensified again. We will still have extra cleaning rounds to limit any spreads to a minimum.

In case of doubt or for more information, you can contact us during office hours on telephone number 0165-552461 or e-mail opleidingen@tiat.nl .

TiaT Europe B.V. provides a complete professional package for training in non-destructive testing.
The training courses are tailored to the needs of the client and can be given at the client’s location if desired. The training to level 1 or level 2 inspector/operator will be completed with an exam according to the requirements as defined by the EN-4179, NAS-410, ASNT SNT-TC-1A and/or ISO 9712.

Our level 3 courses are completed with an exam in accordance with ISO 9712.

In addition to qualification training, we also provide seminars for technical specialists, people working in quality assurance and managers involved in the field of non-destructive testing.

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