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March 15, 2022 / up-to-date Corona virus (COVID-19): From 15 March, the corona measures have largely expired. This means that the training courses at TiaT can be followed as usual and that the interactioin between the trainer an dcandidate has been intensified again. We will still have extra cleaning rounds to limit any spreads to a minimum. In case of doubt or for more information, you can contact us during office hours on telephone number

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I would definitely recommend the training to others. The teacher is the best I've ever been taught:).

Ultrasonic Level 3


It was good that the instructor took the time to explain topics well, until they were clear to everyone.

Magnetic L2


A great training for the purpose.

Visual Level 3


A great course with a cheerful instructor. A clear and good way of teaching.

Penetrant Level 2



Aerospace Inspections

The inspection department of TiaT Europe B.V. has very extensive experience in carrying out aerospace inspections. TiaT Europe B.V. offers a large number of different NDT methods. A team of highly experienced inspectors are on hand daily to contribute to the safety and integrity of aviation and aerospace. In addition, we can help you with NDT Level III (engineering) support. The engineers are specialized in designing and developing new procedures and customer-oriented inspection solutions. Service,

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Industry testing

Industry Research

TiaT specialises in inspecting aircraft and providing non-destructive testing (NDT) related training. In 2008 a sister organisation, Team Industrial Services Netherlands B.V., was founded which specializes in offering NDT services for industrial applications. The inspection department of Team Industrial Services Netherlands B.V.has extensive experience with the various NDT methods. A team of 90 employees are ready on a daily basis to contribute to the safety

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What can you expect from a NDT LIII engineering? Any company that conducts non-destructive testing carries out NDT in compliance with various quality-control and standards, and it is one of the tasks of a NDT LIII engineer to guarantee the inspection quality. This guarantee works best if the NDT LIII engineer is involved in building the quality and procedural structure that substantiates the NDT process from the ground up. This

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