Basic Level 3

Training Basic Level 3

The training:

The trainings are provided as a basic module for the final main method at level 3 (only ISO 9712). In order to get a level 3 certification, the student must be in possession of his basic module (maximum 5 years old) or already have a valid level/Level 3 certificate. If this is the case, we would like to refer you to one of TiaT’s level 3 courses following the base module is no longer necessary. 

Training Information Basic Module

For whom

The course is set up and intended for (the oncoming) NDT specialist for whom a qualification and/or certification is required. The course also provides an insight into the working methods of the testing.

The following components are recommended for course participants:

  • An MBO-4/HBO prior education or similar.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and physics.
  • Interested in engineering.
  • Technical English, to be able to interpret standards.


The training consists only of a theoretical part. During the training, under the guidance of experienced NDT specialists, the student will lay the foundation for his/her future specialisation up to level 3 in a chosen main method.

The objectives

  • Acquire a basic knowledge of materials in relation to the emergence of defects and defect types, which is important for the execution and specification of NDT.
  • Acquire the basic physical knowledge of the various NDT methods.
  • Familiarize the student with the basic principles and the advantages and disadvantages of the various NDT methods (knowledge at level 2).
  • Reading and interpreting certification related standards and/or procedures (mainly in English).

Content of the training

Materials Science | Material research and Material defects| Physical basic principle of the NDT methods | Basic knowledge of the NDT methods | Equipment and accessories of the NDT methods to be used | Scope of the NDT methods | The certification process and system

Practical information

Training Duration ISO 9712:

11 days including exam, certification is done via Hobéon SKNDO.


The training meets, and can be completed with an exam(-s) compliant with the requirements of ISO 9712. The theoretical exam consists of three parts:

  • Part A: Materials and technical processes.
  • Part B: Certification systems for Non-Destructive Inspectors
  • Part C: NDT Methods at level 2

Both the training and the exam(-s) are tailored to the relevant industrial sectors (e.g.: Testing before and during use (including manufacturing), aviation or railway maintenance.)


In order to be able to provide you as well as possible, we believe that a suitable quotation is desirable. Below is an overview of the different options:

Training Costs:
Re-examination cost theory:

Price on request*
Price on request*

* Requested prices include examination, certification examination according to Certifying body, and the course days are fully catered.

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